Lab In Motion consults internationally to production companies, creative teams,

performance groups and artists.

Whether you are seeking an approach to deliver, design or enhance a specific performance or are in the process of outlining the physical potential and impact of a performance or visually dynamic concept, Lab In Motion has the expertise to deliver an extraordinary synergy of movement and motion.


Founded by Marshall Garfield, Lab In Motion is the consolidation of years of research and professional experience in performance, dynamic physicality and unique performance environments.

While offering its expertise to a broad range of areas, Lab In Motion continues as an incubator for new performance concepts as well as serving as a vehicle to nurture what Marshall has coined as the ‘Medium of Motion’.

Lab In Motion offers new perspectives in employing movement and spatial relationships to develop and create the next generation of audience and user experience.

As Creative & Artistic Director Marshall Garfield advances the PEM Method™, a unique process and metrics to compliment a variety of creative and production platforms and structures.

motion is a constant, 
                 movement is inevitable...

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