Marshall Garfield
Montreal, Canada
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Standing in Motion


A creative force and visionary working in the live performance and entertainment industries, Marshall’s rare expertise in redefining the dynamics of movement, spatial environments and physical character development has contributed to the production of over 9 shows and special projects with the Cirque du Soleil and for a range of productions and performances worldwide.


“I anticipate that the growing expectation to be more fully engaged in the dynamics of performance experiences, bolstered by innovative and emerging technologies and platforms, will continue to direct the creative collision between analog embodiment and digital space and time to bring us unanticipated perspectives of the human journey.”



Standing In Motion

“As Creative Director and Performance Designer what drives my process is challenging the audience/viewer’s experience of the actions, events, theme and narrative. I approach performance as a language of motion that, like the movements in music, cross cultural boundaries.”

As Marshall says, “Motion is the medium”, and his mindset adroitly reflects the contemporary setting in which we are engaged. From his perspective, “we are moving on from a culture of framed images to that of kinetic interactivity and immersive experiences in which the relationship between the performance and our engagement with it is ever more dynamically connected.”


Working with innovative and supportive performance technologies such as high-speed and programmable fly systems, video design and mapping to mobile stages, stage sets and props, Marshall’s intuitive response to motion and space and to the pairing of performance with kinetic technologies establishes him as a visionary for the evolution of performance and in the development of context for creative content both for traditional and emerging spaces.


From the international stage of gymnastics competition to physical performances in a variety of stage, television, film and professional productions to his evolving work with acrobats, dancers, actors and theater groups and in designing and adapting performances for such unique environments as expansive spaces, dizzying vertical heights and aquatic stages, Marshall has molded a unique vision and creative process for Creative Direction and Performance Design.

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