Marshall Garfield
Montreal, Canada
Standing in Motion


As designer and director of performance, what drives my process is challenging the audience/viewer’s experience of the actions, events, theme and narrative. I approach performance as a language of motion that, like the movements in music, cross cultural boundaries.

Ever since I can remember movement and motion has captivated me, body and mind, and I have never stopped exploring the shapes and forms of its physicality in people, nature and objects nor the imagery that motion as a medium evokes in performance, story, music and art.

I anticipate that the growing expectation to be more fully engaged in the dynamics of performance experiences, bolstered by innovative and emerging technologies and platforms, will continue to direct the creative collision between analog embodiment and digital space and time to bring us unanticipated perspectives of the human journey.




Throughout the two decades of my work designing, directing and coaching the kinetic elasticity for all kinds of performance, from spectacular acrobatics and the aesthetically moving to theatrical physicality and choreographed ensembles, the element of motion has always been central to my process.

In my early teens I discovered artistic gymnastics and spent the next decade or so practicing and competing at the international level. Above all else it was the pure inspiration of the movement, weightlessness and suspension that captivated me. Little did I know at the time that these would turn out to be formative years laying down the foundation for my insights into the nature of motion as a powerful medium for visual narrative, storytelling and abstract ideas.

Along side and in the wake of my athletic career I explored and generated opportunities to perform in stage, TV, film and other professional productions and developed as a physical performance coach working with dancers, actors, physical theater and other performing artists to help them find a relevant physical vocabulary and range for their performance.

These activities and more lead to my being approached by the young and innovative Cirque du Soleil company with which I went on, in various positions, to contribute for nearly a decade, to develop, adapt and create performances as well as performance training programs for the production and upkeep of more than 9 shows and special projects.

Expanding on my broad experience and distinctive expertise with the physicality of performance and performance spaces I shifted from the Cirque du Soleil to establish myself as a freelance designer, director and consultant for performance and performance-based productions, projects and experiences.

Since, I have worked with productions worldwide and, as my journey continues what is stimulating to my work is that there are more and more mediums and platforms for the active presence of performance and kinetic content that are emerging to engage with. It is within this dynamic atmosphere of innovation in traditional and of emerging forms of presence that I continue to develop a versatile, practical approach, guiding principles as it were, for the physicality of motion as a powerful medium.

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